Memorial Ideas

Unique and Unusual Memorial Ideas

Here at urn jewellery we love our memorial jewellery, but I’ve been searching the net to find unique and unusual memorial ideas.  Some of them are really strange, while others are just damn right odd, but anyway….here goes…..

  1. Your ashes can contribute to preserving underwater reefs. Simply put, ash is used in a cast of concrete which in turn is left in the ocean to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.
  2. How about a memorial bench for your favorite part of the garden or park?
  3. These is a company that specialise in putting ash into fireworks, which is a bit of a strange memorial idea I know but,the company that provide this service, are respectful of the deceased person and discrete. Is it the u;timate way of  celebrating that life with a spark.
  4. On the same note, there is a company (in America no less) that will put ashes into a bullet so that you can fire your loved one into the desert!!!
  5. For art lovers out there, what can be a more fitting memorial then having ash made into a painting? Many companies do it, and if you love art then why not?
  6. Now this is one I love, and it’s create a memorial website in honour of a loved one. On it you can put pictures, and people can light a ‘virtual candel’ or write in a condolence book. Gone Too Soon is one such company that provide this service.
  7. Another one I love is the name a star memorial…how nice to think they are twinkling down on us.
  8. I can just imagine that releasing doves in a memorial service (outside obviously) is a fantastic and emotional thing to do.
  9. Another really lovely memorial idea is ‘forget me not memorial seeds’. What better way to commemorate a loved one’s end of life by giving forget me nots or wild flowers at a funeral or memorial service, for others to plant in the garden as a reminder each spring.
  10. I saw this on the beach a few weeks ago late at night and they were simply stunning and are really popular in memorials, and that’s sky lanterns. Watching as they float gently towards the stars is really meditative, so see for yourself!
  11.  Another really simply memorial idea is a keepsake box with your loved one’s favourite jewellery, letters or clothes.
  12. How about a tattoo?
  13. For those who are good with their hands, how about a memorial quilt made from their clothes?
  14. Don’t forget that a really good way to remember a loved one is setting up a charity in their name or alternatively donating to their favourite charity on their behalf. Always appreciated.
  15. How about a discrete memorial rock? There are companies that manufacture urn rocks (secure urns resembling rocks) so if your loved one was  a nature lover their ash can be kept outside where they would have wanted it!
  16. You can have a poem written about them!
  17. Tear Bottles, which were prevalent many moons ago, are handcrafted glass bottles to collect ears during the mourning period. When the tears evaporated, the mourning ended, but the bottle remained as a memorial of devotion.
  18. Just a bit too sad this one, but it’s huggable urns. Here, a company place the ash of a child in an urn bear.
  19. Did you know that the Disney Theme parks are reported to be the most widely used (and unofficial)resting place of many people’s ash that has been surreptitiously left there!!!!
  20. Plant a tree as a memorial. Not only eco-friendly but also a lovely reminder of the departed.

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